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With 60 retail stores (2020 March) focusing on Kanto and Kansai areas, besides having fresh fish as main product, we are also focusing on product development of processed goods such as sushi and delicatessen, speeding up new store establishment and pursuing an new form of business at the same time.


Freshness and Quality are always our top priority. we network with manufactures/ farms from all over the country for our major wholesale business at Toyosu Market. Our upcoming challenges will be development of food processing skill and involvement of overseas farming business, through such channels striving for development of value-added original products.


Wholesaling of food, mainly fresh fish, to hotels, wedding ceremony venues, restaurant chains, Japanese restaurants and food catering. Furthermore, one of our new initiative is to develop a nationwide food distribution system by utilizing logistic chain of some of the industry leaders.


Having "Fish & Food Culture" as our core value, Nakajima Suisan Group also provide a large variety of services such as Restaurants Business, Overseas Business, Delicatessen, Retail and Subcontracting etc.