We aim to promote and develop
a new food culture of fish.

By continuosly improving our fresh
seafood distribution chain, we,
Nakajima Suisan, devotes to be
the joint between consumers
and manufacturers.


We operate our Retail Business, Wholesale, B2B Wholesale and Overseas Business based on our management philosophy and action guidelines. By utilizing the coperate's logistic chain and sharing valuable information between business units, we create synergy and improve overall performance. In which we believe is the uniqueness of our company and at the same time the competitive advantage we have over our competitors.

代表取締役会長兼社長 中島  明


Provide "delicious fish", contribute to "people’s health" and "diversity of food culture"


  1. Aim for customer satisfaction and trust. Be responsible.
  2. Act professionally. Constantly seek to improve product freshness, service quality and skills.
  3. Embrace active thinking and take action proactively.
  4. Strive for creativity and increase efficiency.
  5. Create a dynamic and valuable workplace.